Welcome 👋

I'm Graham, a software engineer based in Reno, NV. I enjoy working with Go and TypeScript. Most recently, I built Pilot, a framework that helps small development teams adopt multi-cloud deployment strategies.

Multi-cloud Made Easy


Pilot is an open-source, multi-cloud framework for provisioning an internal PaaS with a workflow-agnostic build, deploy, and release pipeline.

My team and I built Pilot to help smaller development teams tackle the complexities of adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

Technologies utilized: Golang, gRPC, TypeScript, Terraform

Other Projects

These are just a few of the other projects I've worked on previously.


A content management pipeline that allows you to transfer content from your RSS feed to another provider.

Technologies: Ruby/Rails, React, Netlify API, Notion API

Demand Bucket

Demand Bucket gives you a URL that will collect requests made to it and let you inspect them in a human-friendly way.

Technologies: Golang, Redis


Playlistify is a playlist manager for Spotify that integrates with Discord, allowing communities to collaborate on playlists.

Technologies: NodeJS, SQLite, Discord API, Spotify API

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